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Welcome to Extreme Tactical Group's School Safety Division!

With recent tragic events in places such as Sandy Hook schools systems are improving protocol and protection for their students and teachers.

Learn about our products to add peace of mind around school. With heightened security at schools ETG knows that the importance of school safety has taken an all new importance. ETG can offer affordable school safety solutions to protect students and teachers. All of our products are quality top of the line products that are affordable. Extreme Tactical Group offers Hardwire products like bulletproof backpack inserts, bulletproof whiteboards, and bulletproof peel and stick doors.

ETG can offer affordable school safety for any classroom. Our products all undergo standard testing ensuring you reliable and trustworthy solutions. Allow us to work with you to optimize the safety and protection of your classrooms and schools.

Please feel free to learn more about these products that we offer. Feel free to browse through our store and feel free to contact us with any questions. Peace of mind is priceless!


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