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Bulletproof Backpack Insert

Protect your children, family or yourself from shootings in schools, malls or the work place. Drawing on years of experience fabricating some of the military’s most advanced armor solutions, Hardwire has introduced the Ballistic Backpack Insert. The Ballistic Backpack Insert is designed to fit into book bags, back packs and brief cases. The Ballistic Backpack Insert provides a layer of ballistic protection from handgun fire and can stop multiple rounds. Manufactured with Dyneema® (a high performance polyethylene fiber), this board weighs less than one pound and meets the NIJ Level IIIA Ballistic testing standards. You never want to be in a situation when you are threatened by gunfire, however, if you are, you’ll have a chance with a Ballistic Backpack Insert covering your back. Compared to our competetors, here at ETG we offer one of the most affordable bulletproof backpack inserts on the market. Our goal is to make school safety affordable for everyone. Peace of mind is priceless.



  • 10 inches wide x 13 inches high.
  • Weighs less that 1 pound.
  • Inserts into almost any backpack, briefcases or handbags.
  • Ballistic protection per National Institute of Justice standards.



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